Sunday, 9 April 2017

Saving Ron Finley’s Gangsta Garden

Just a quick note amidst all the war mongering and insanity: Ron Finley and his team did it! They raised the impossible seeming $500,000. At the same time, I have witnessed other equally unlikely healing and empowered steps take place among a wide variety of people. Don’t believe all the doom and gloom. Energies are trending upwards. We just need to know which things we support and take ACTION to empower and activate those things. Some step in the direction we choose. Small or bold, just choose with your action and determination. Miracles are happening right this very moment.

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I’ve previously posted about Ron Finley, aka “the Gangsta Gardener,” the world’s most famous “guerrilla gardener,” but I wanted to make a special post today as Ron and his team fight to save the beloved South Central Los Angeles community garden that has inspired so many people worldwide. Not only has Ron kept urban youth out of gangs and helped turn around health issues that directly stem from poverty — by  addressing the problem of food deserts in his area, he also started a movement with supporters and activists all around the world.

Here’s the TED talk that put Ron on the radar of so many movers, shakers, social justice warriors, and innovators:

Ron Finley’s ripple effect is huge! Along with Colette at Bealtaine Cottage, Ron was a key inspiration for me to accept the 2012 challenge of this crazy, horribly broken and ugly yard in Goshen. As David…

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