Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Timothy Glenn on A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic ~ July 14, 2018 Archived Chat

Timothy just sent me the link to last Saturday’s show, which you can find here. When I asked for a quick summary, he said:

“We were all over the map — Uranus in Taurus, Antarctica, fake media, “Planet X”, The Federal Reserve et al, stepping into our creatorship, the matrix, artificial intelligence, etc.

But it was a light-hearted, fun chat.”
So, for all you Timothy Glenn fans, here you go!

source https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2018/07/17/timothy-glenn-on-a-fireside-chat-with-zany-mystic-july-14-2018-archived-chat/

Monday, 16 July 2018

July 2018 Specials and Class Update

I just realized that I forgot to update the Monthly Specials page of this site with the July 2018 Specials. I did post them in the regular posts, but in case people haven’t wanted to dig through old posts, I’ve now updated that page. We have just over two weeks left for the July 2018 Specials, as well as an update about the Lake Tahoe workshop I’m co-teaching with Tania Marie. Only two spots left!


Timeline Tune-Up:

This 40-minute offering helps identify which areas of your life can most benefit from the energetic openings this month. I focus your reading on finding small shifts you can make in order to generate monumental trajectory changes — kind of like switching the tracks on a railway. Tiny adjustments in the here and now can result in hugely different journeys later. $133 if prepaid on or before July 31, 2018. (Save $44 off the usual 40-minute rate.) Please contact me to sign up.

The Faeries’ Dream:

The Fae seem to go through phases of having strong messages and support for humanity, and I (and others) sense a recent increase in activity right after Summer Solstice. This 20-minute reading can focus on Faery advice, requests, messages for you, and/or instructions on how you can connect more easily and effectively with this Realm.

The Faery Realm holds the original imprint of our completely pure, loving and healed planet, so working with the Fae always puts us in close proximity of that possibility as material fact — what has always remained and thus already is pure, healed and beautiful. This reading springs from such knowing and offers a chance to learn what your faerie companions would most love for you to focus upon instead of all those things that crop up as worries or concerns. Invoking delight brings us that much closer to experiencing it. $77 if prepaid on or by July 31, 2018. Please contact me to sign up.

Fall Equinox Class Update:

Just a heads up that the September 22, 2018 class at Lake Tahoe co-taught by Tania Marie and me is almost full. That means we only have two spots left in “Living a More Magickal Life with Laura Bruno & Tania Marie.” We’re limiting this unique workshop, Equinox ritual and blessing/activation to just twelve participants. If you’d like attend, it would be good to reserve your spot. First come, first served, and what a powerful group so far! You can find more details and register here.

source https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2018/07/16/july-2018-specials-and-class-update/

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Here Be Dragons ~ And Faeries, Too!

Like the otherworldly birch tree in my last post, I’ve been waiting to blog these photos and stories for awhile. Some over the top synchronicities at last Tuesday’s Township Board Meeting let me know it would soon be time. Background: a very active neighbor and I compared notes a few weeks ago and discovered that she, her daughter and I are really in this sidewalk battle to preserve our trees. Others love our mature tree lined streets, but for the three of us, it goes much deeper. Trees, nature spirits, the Fae … for us, these represent something spiritual, the link between spiritual and material realms. The passion fueling each of us arises from the core of our being.

On that evening, our neighbor showed me her nextdoor neighbor’s yard, the apparent center of an old apple orchard from 50 years ago. She pointed to circles of thicker, greener grass and said, “Those rings drive them nuts because they can’t get their lawn to stay even after mowing. They’re the circles around old apple trees that have been gone for half a century. The Earth remembers.”

“They’re faery rings!” I said, “Apple trees are sacred to the Otherworld.”

My neighbor said in a hushed, amused voice, “That’s what I told them! Faery rings. They think I’m joking.”

I assured her I knew she wasn’t. We then discussed the Board’s seeming obsession of sidewalks cutting 15 feet into our yards, despite our quiet streets and a 90% petition to keep our yards as is. Add a bike lane, but don’t mess with our trees or the character of our neighborhood. I said, “It might not seem like it, but I have been polite so far. I’m trying to warn them.”

She said, “So have I, and they don’t get it. The Earth remembers. This is very active land. If they’re reckless, there’ll be consequences. They’ve awakened the dragons!”

“Funny you should say that,” I said, “because David named our home ‘Dra’Faven,’ (Dragon Faery Haven), and we have a lot of dragons, faeries and nature spirits.”


I continued, “Every day I walk the neighborhood and warn the trees. When I walk by other tree beings, I tell those trees what’s happening here. Protect your brethren! Be like the elves of Iceland. You know about them, right?”

She nodded. “The dragons are on it,” she said, and I told her about these orgone dragons that called to me right around the time this whole sidewalk controversy began. In January 2017, sweet Tania Marie shared photos of an orgone crystal dragon she welcomed to her crystal collection. I loved this selenite beauty, but at the time felt no draw towards anything like that for myself. In late May 2018, I started thinking of a crystal and orgone dragon “out of the blue.” Over and over, I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

A particular one, called Jaiyana really called to me. Formed of amethyst, blue howlite, orgone, and clear quartz, this dragon haunted me. On the day I set for decision time, the price dropped, which I took as a sign. I ordered her, and she arrived just as David’s mom got very sick. Among other things, these crystals and orgone combo help to process grief from losing a loved one. David’s mom passed peacefully on June 13th, after having said all her I love you’s and goodbye’s. She was 89 and this did not come as a surprise, but the powerful energy of Jaiyana helped transmute intense feelings into a sense of rightness, peace and relief. She arrived just in time to support this process.


That would be a lovely, synchronous story, but it’s not the end. Without going into too much background, a second orgone dragon made its way to me; however, it took a detour. I’ll include part of my Etsy conversation with Michael, the creator of these new dragon friends. I had told him I’d likely share this story, as it illustrates not only the power and beauty of orgone, but also how lovely and high vibe Mike is. I love connecting with and supporting people like this! As you’ll see at the end, though, this story gets curiouser and curiouser. The Jaiyana order featured some synchronous strangeness, but weirdness really ramped up with the next order.

“Hi Mike,

“I looked at the tracking, and I’m confused. It says it is out for delivery today in Lancaster, PA, but I live in Kalamazoo, MI. Did you send it to the correct address?



Hi Laura,

I’m also confused now! I’ve attached a copy of the USPS receipt to show you that I’m truly not loosing my mind. You’ll see that the tracking number I gave you is correct for Kalamazoo, MI and according to tracking (which you already know of course) it’s due to arrive somewhere in Lancaster by 8pm tonight?!?!?

I’ve got to wrap my head around this – SOOOO weird!!!! I’ll have to make some phone calls tomorrow, since it’s after hours, but I’m going to try and get logged into USPS right now to see if I can intercept whatever is going on.

Wanted to get back to you first though. I’ll get back to you ASAP on my findings and of course, if by some miracle it does arrive tonight, please let me know. No matter what happens, please know you will not be left alone on this one and even if it comes down to simply refunding you, that’s what I will do if necessary.

I’m speechless …..!!! I’ll be back to you as soon as I can find something out!


and then a follow-up from Mike:


So I sent an e-mail as well as called USPS – I finally hung up after being on hold for nearly 58 minutes. They said it would be a 20 minute wait ….. after hanging up, I then called again to find that they had closed. Gotta love it!

In the meantime, I just pulled up the tracking number and now it does say it’s in your area and still due to be delivered tonight by 8pm. Please let me know if it does. How ultra weird and frustrating this postal service can be at times. Fingers crossed it was all a false alarm and works out as it should!


“Hi Mike,

“So sorry for all this inconvenience! Someone in Lancaster must have needed a little orgone-crystal healing! It looks like it went to Grand Rapids last night and is out for delivery today in Kalamazoo. I will let you know when I have it here.

“On a side note, my now ex-husband and I lived in Santa Fe for awhile and visited the pilgrimage church in Chimayo. We got a bunch of the ‘healing dirt’ and packaged it up and mailed it to various people. One person’s envelope did not arrive for the longest time (weeks!) and when it did, there was a hole in the envelope and bag and very little dirt left. She worked as an energy healer, too, as we all did at that time. We figured that this envelope had gone on a journey, scattering needed healing all over the place. She put the envelope with its tiny specks of healing dirt in a drawer so she could at least have the essence of the dirt.

“When she next opened the drawer, it had a full bag of dirt in it, much more than we had originally sent her! People try to debunk that church in Chimayo, saying the priests refill the hole, etc. but miracles do occur there. We have never been able to explain this long journey of the healing soil and its mysterious replenishment in the drawer, but this whole orgone dragon situation reminds me of it.

“There’s more to the story than I can share here, because some of it is not my own story … but [suggesting this second dragon] was VERY synchronous.

“No idea how all of this fits together in the biggest picture… I just have a feeling there’s more at work here than meets the eye and that your orgone dragons have somehow participated in a much larger, collective healing. So thank you. Gotta love the Mystery with a capital M. If I write about this experience on my blog, I will link to your Etsy shop. If I don’t share this story, I’ll still find a way to work in a link and recommendation. 🙂

“Many blessings to you and your work,


From Mike:

Wow! I know quite well that miracles do indeed happen and I am simply bursting at my heart chakra as I read these stories! The dirt sent chills down my spine! I’ve been making orgone’s for several years now and have yet to list them all in this shop as their are so many but the stories I’ve heard from those that have purchased them are astounding! Those that do not believe in miracles have simply not taken the time to notice becuase yes, they truly do happen all of the time. Blessings for your keen awareness and acknowledgement of Spirit’s work in our lives! ❤

Here’s a photo of Amell, the traveling crystal orgone dragon, filled with red jasper, black tourmaline, clear quartz, pyrite and more … excellent for dream recall and finishing projects (like my Metaphysics of Lyme book). Amell guards and inspires in our main living room, near the “Eight of Wands” geode, a magical spiral, dictionary, succulents and Christmas cactus.


As a thank you to Mike for all his trouble, and also because we loved the quality and beauty of the crystal and orgone dragons, I went on to order two more gifts for others. One was a crystal orgone decorative dragonfly plate, and the other a vintage baby dragon hatching from a red tourmaline egg. Both items supported daughters grieving a lost parent, and again, they arrived with perfect timing and symbolism. I wanted to link to Mike’s Etsy shop, CrystalWiseShop, because he’s such an angel, but oddly enough, the shop has disappeared. Perhaps “Michael” was more of an angel than I realized. 😉

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned some hilarious synchronicities at last Tuesday’s Board Meeting. I’m sure the minutes will not reflect these moments, but a few moments grabbed my attention. Recall my neighbor’s comments about “the dragons are on it!” and our mutual sense that the neighborhood has some otherworldly protection. Words and phrases you don’t normally hear in a Township Board Meeting:  “accounting magic,” “And all I see is the dragon’s eye watching me,” “Harry Potter,” “CATS” (an acronym), and “time travel,” among other pow in the third eye synchronicities. We also learned that another neighborhood has organized to protect their trees, as well.

I can’t say where all of this will lead, but these sync winks and Mystery seem positive. The other day, while running errands with David, I said, “If I were a developer, I’d buy up all this vacant commercial and high density residential land … and leave it alone. Or at the very least, preserve as many trees as I could. Who wants to live in apartments with sidewalks two feet from their windows?! I mean, yeah, they’re maximizing their imprint on the land, but who’s going to rent those apartments? What’s wrong with a little privacy and green? Why don’t other people value trees?!”

David grabbed my hand and said, “Ahh, my hippie libertarian, you’re most unusual. You really are a hippie libertarian, you know.”

“You mean a faery?”

He smiled. “Is that what they’re calling it these days?”

“They’ve always called it that. I love nature. I hug trees. I like my privacy. I don’t brook liars. I honor Sovereignty and the land, and I protect what’s mine. Faery Rules.”

David smiled as he realized I wasn’t joking.

“I’m serious. Faeries are hippie libertarians. Faery Rules trump allRespect, not control. A person’s word is bond. No rudeness! They’ll see. Nature always bats last.”

“Nature and the Biggest Faery.” As we pulled into Dra’Faven’s driveway, David patted my hand again and said, “I do love the Biggest Faery.”


And everyone knows the Biggest Faery loves her trees!





source https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2018/07/14/here-be-dragons-and-faeries-too/

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

A Member of New York’s Finest Gets His Life Back

Terrance M., a 29 year old police officer in the New York City area, had suffered from seemingly incurable pain. “For 7 months I felt like I was dying,” Terrance told me.  Beginning in late August-early September 2017, his extreme low back pain and frequent urination kept him sleepless during the night and miserable by […]
Source: https://catherinecarrigan.com/a-member-of-new-yorks-finest-gets-his-life-back/

source https://cscarrigan.wordpress.com/2018/07/11/a-member-of-new-yorks-finest-gets-his-life-back/

Garden Update ~ Life in Death and Flowers Galore

It’s so amazing how nature sorts itself. I’ve mentioned the weeping birch in front of our house, which according to neighbors, has struggled for five years. I kept trying and trying to keep this tree alive, but it turns out a dead tree really does support more life than a living one. I had heard that before, but I still wanted the birch to survive. It seems that nature had other plans, because this tree actually looks more dramatic and faery without leaves, and it gives the garden much more sun:


I have another, far more magical and accurate looking photo of that birch tree and surrounding garden, which I’ve unsuccessfully tried posting for weeks. In the photo you see above, most of the camera shy beings are out of sight. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get that other photo to load. If you want to know what the garden really looks like, imagine the above photo with extra shimmer and glow, and the hanging branches creating a “mist” even on sunny afternoons. The photo above is flat compared to the life force energy radiating from that tree and the plants and beings around it.

We have way more birds in our front yard this year due to all the fun perches available now. I see gold finches, cardinals and robins throughout the day. On a recent morning, I was just writing about crows when this one landed on the branch. Another one followed and peeked right into the front window until I finished commenting on crows.


I also learned from a neighbor that we finally(!) have a resident owl in the neighborhood. I take that as an excellent sign, since it arrived right after I asked for extra protection of our streets and yards. Owls always make themselves known at key moments in my life or when I need help with an “impossible” situation. Even if I don’t see or hear the owl myself, somehow people know to tell me at just the right time.

Because of my involvement in protecting our neighborhood from potential damage by the Township Board, we have a lot more neighbors coming to our door and passing the front yard garden. Everyone comments about the wide variety of flowers, and only when they stand right in front of the garden do some of them recognize vegetables and herbs, as well. We have so many pollinators, butterflies and birds, including a hummingbird in our yard. I’m happy to report a vast reduction in the number of neighbors spraying their yards with toxic chemicals. It makes my heart sing when more people support and value the life around us. Below you can see just some of the flowers in bloom right now:





Gold finches especially love the sunflowers, shown here with blooming parsley, salvia, chives, purple kale, lobelia, and bolting lettuce:


This lime green hyssop’s getting ready to burst with purple flowers, but I love mixing unusual colored leaves into a vibrant display, regardless of bloom time:


Until next time … that’s the scoop from fragrant, soulful and delicious Dra’Faven.

source https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2018/07/11/garden-update-life-in-death-and-flowers-galore/

Monday, 9 July 2018

Timothy Glenn ~ Uranus in Taurus: The Preview

After a long hiatus, but always timely … a new astrological meta-analysis by Timothy Glenn. This is an important — and potentially empowering — post. I know so many good-hearted, intelligent people about to have their world shaken like an electric popcorn maker struck by lightning. If you find yourself knee-jerk reacting to anything, it’s wise to step back and humbly reassess. Maybe your original assessment will hold, but it’s wise to examine any and all “of course” ideas. Look for those areas you consider “so obvious” that you’re certain anyone who disagrees with you is a neanderthal or idiot.

As Tim explains, we’re in preview mode. What do you wish to create? What are you fighting, and what are you supporting? Are you sure they’re mutually exclusive? Awakener, Revelator, Liberator Uranus is full of surprises. It’s popcorn time. Whether you get zapped or enjoy the show depends on your own creativity, awareness and adaptability. Sending love, discernment and courage to everyone … here’s Tim:

Uranus in Taurus: The Preview

by Timothy Glenn

We have been hearing quite a buzz about the revolutionary planet Uranus entering the staid sign of Taurus. Uranus tends to be ahead of its time, so no matter what sign it enters, it looks around and says, “Oh, this is so retro. It’s time for an upgrade.”

The three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) never simply move from one sign to another. Since they scour every single degree of the zodiac, they always do a triple transit over the cusp during their ingress into any sign.

Uranus initially moved into Taurus on May 15. It will go into retrograde motion on August 7, and cross back into Aries on November 6. This gives us a six month preview of what may arise during the following seven years.

Movie Trailers

Most of us have watched previews of movies, and from that we have determined whether or not we would like to watch the entire film. We can apply the same principle here.

If we see or experience things we like during the preview period, we can invest more energy into manifesting such possibilities on a grander scale during the Main Event after Uranus returns to Taurus for the long haul on May 6, 2019.

Simultaneously, if we see or experience things we don’t like during the preview, the wise among us will make appropriate adjustments – or run the risk of the universe treating us to a major league, industrial strength cosmic attitude adjustment at a seemingly inopportune moment.

Shake and Wake

Uranus has been known as the Awakener, and could perhaps be credited with coining the expression “rude awakening”. While Uranus can bestow magnificent blessings, those blessings can sometimes arrive extremely well disguised.

As the Revelator, Uranus can also unveil broader perspectives and cold hard facts that shake outmoded belief systems to their foundations – usually not a comfy, cushy process.

During the original Red Pill experience in the first Matrix film, the character Neo fully realized that the world he had accepted as Reality had all along been a computer-generated simulation. He and all other humans had lived their lives inside that trap, perpetually being drained of energy by the artificial intelligence that had designed and built the Matrix. When this realization crashed through his barriers, he dropped to his hands and knees to vomit. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Much of the Blue-Pilled population still clings to their beliefs in the very systems that have misled and exploited them all their lives. These duped people are testing the Red-Pilled sector’s patience. However, Blue-Pilled obnoxiousness and obstinacy demonstrated by some of them, have reached such a fever pitch that others are at least beginning to question what they have been supporting.

We might wish for them to be awakened, without envying them the procedure of awakening. Mark Twain said, “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.” And the deeper the resistance, the more intense the pain of releasing the lies they have believed.

Another Fine Myth

Q. What happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?
A. The so-called immovable object has its illusions shattered.

Many of our Taurean illusions are coming up for review. Think you’re grounded? Think the Earth is solid? Think institutions and ways of life are permanent and immutable? Uranus in Taurus will invite you to guess again.

As our old friend the Buddha pointed out, the entire universe is transient. Everything is moving, flowing. Nothing is solid and stationary.

Scientific best guesstimates indicate that we are rapidly spinning on a planet that is flying at about 67,000 miles per hour around a sun that is barreling through the galaxy at 483,000 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are approaching each other at an estimated speed of a quarter million miles per hour.

And yet some part of human life thinks it’s immovable? Good luck with that.

All That Matters

Everything earthy will be challenged. Materially based, consumer driven societies will rethink and retool, or risk extinction. The old greed-fueled financial systems of debt slavery have reached their expiration date.

Uranus also serves as the Liberator. Uranus loves to create opportunities. Uranus promotes conscious evolution. And this is where Uranus can bring its highest ideals right down to Earth.

We will all have adventures in realigning our priorities, to the point that some of our dearest old values will be weighed and found wanting. Not a single one of us can expect to usher in the New Earth while carrying on in any of the old world paradigms.

Uranus in Taurus will strongly encourage greater conscientiousness in how we spend our material resources, individually and collectively. As more uncomfortable facts are unveiled about methods of procurement and production, humanity’s conscience will be galvanized. We will insist on the technological innovations that Uranus can provide. We will up our game.

And yes – Uranus rules electricity, hence electronics, hence computers, hence the internet – hence get ready for cryptocurrencies to move to the fore.

Signing In

During our preview period (now through November 6) we can watch for signs of things to come. There will continue to be indicators popping up everywhere.

And yet our crazy friend Uranus remains the least predictable influence in the solar system. He specializes in surprises. He enjoys giving a good head fake. In the aftermath, he loves to hear us say: “Who’da thunk it?” Uranus, that’s who.

We cannot ignore that as the first of the Earth signs, Taurus involves the physical planet. The prophesied Earth changes will not only continue, but escalate. The “system” is currently downplaying many of the phenomena happening right now, but this is an area to watch. Uranus in Taurus will rock the Earth – literally.

Growing Up

The time has come for humanity to grow the hell up already. Fortunately, Uranus in Taurus will generate the impetus for us to ascend to the next level of human evolution.

The Uranian method of awakening the sleepers can be analogized to having a bucket of ice water dumped on your head. But it works. Once you shake it off, life becomes a fresh new day.

Uranus in Taurus will support upliftment of all kinds, especially in the arts. Our divine creativity will be stimulated. Genuine inspiration will elevate society above the moral and ethical depravity of the corporate entertainment industry.

But our enhanced creativity will extend into all areas of Earthly life. We can expect to see tremendous advancements in ordinary folk type humans growing more of their own food, and helping reverse the environmental degradation that now staggers the intellect.

Uranus is the true Tech Giant. Whatever will help us shift life on Earth, the technologies (which already exist – and have long existed) will emerge. The key lies in our ever opening consciousness, especially in our hearts.

Uranus in Taurus? As Laura Bruno loves to say: “Bring it!”

Timothy Glenn

source https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2018/07/09/timothy-glenn-uranus-in-taurus-the-preview/

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Energies of Now: The Fiery Indie-Dragon Stirs (and Some Elemental Help)

Oh, yes! The fire breathing Dragon has been in effect for awhile with regard to all of this. Very good advice from Jamie, including her tips about water. I’ve noticed even my indoor plants are extra thirsty these days.

Sophia's Children

It’s Independence Day week in the U.S., and the Energies of Now feature the fiery electrical currents of the metaphorical fire-breathing Dragon, along with elemental support to soothe and ground.

Depending on our awareness and discernment, of course. As always.

Fire-Breathing Dragon. Image courtesy of Josch13 at Pixabay.

In the old-wisdom lore, the Dragon protected the community’s wealth — and wealth was defined in terms of what allowed the community, tribe, individual to thrive and prosper.

If someone tried to steal it, the Dragon stirred and wasn’t all that amused.

The Dragon has also symbolized life-force, energy, longevity, kundalini.

That was the common wealth, or the possibilities of it.

How narrow and small have we made our definition of wealth and worth and value in the last bunch of decades?

Our current and more recent definitions of value, worth, wealth pale in comparison to the older, richer definitions —…

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