Friday, 14 April 2017

Jaime Meyer ~ Good Friday and the Great Mother

Time to repost this gem from Jaime Meyer. Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Even if you do not follow a Christian tradition, from a mythological and energetic perspective, this time offers a potent opportunity for symbolic death and rebirth. Tap into that energy and watch things shift!

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Thanks to Joe for sending me Jaime Meyer‘s recent newsletter message, and many thanks to Jaime for permission to share this wonderful piece that restores the Great Mother to Her original place in the Christian Mystery. I love that so many of the people honoring and celebrating the re-emergence of the Divine and Sacred Feminine happen to be men! For your consideration and integration:

Good Friday and the Great Mother
By Jaime Meyer

There’s so much wrong and unhealthy with our Jesus story. But I want to speak about what is right but hidden from us.

I love the idea that Spirit comes to us to forgive us. Forgiveness is a powerful and necessary thing, for to be human is to make mistakes that require forgiveness. Or as the shamanic tradition might frame it: we make mistakes that require ceremonies for putting things back in energetic balance again.


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