Monday, 10 April 2017

April Energy Update from Lee Harris – The End of ‘The Love and Light Brigade’ & The Rawness of Re-patterning

As usual, Lee is spot on about the energies! This month’s forecast includes tips about boundaries, discernment and shifts happening especially for habitual lightworkers. Time to make sure you’re giving and receiving in balanced ways. Thanks to Tania for the additional thoughts included before Lee’s video.

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I think many of you will find this month’s energy update insightful and helpful. These themes have been showing up with client sessions and with many people I know. It’s time to be discerning with your energy in order to have more energy to be able to keep channeling and stay balanced. It seems counter-intuitive to love and light people, but Lee explains this well, so I hope you’ll tune in. Everything is in process of re-patterning so the new will become natural and this includes really feeling into what you want to be doing, rather than what you think you should be doing. Being on path is simply being in alignment with your life force energy, driving passions, and desires of well being.

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