Friday, 5 October 2018

Metaphysical Meaning of UTI, Bladder and Kidney Problems

This post from September 2017 wants to go up again. It has remained one of the top posts since I originally blogged it, and with all the Kavanaugh-Blasey, #metoo, Karen Monahan focus and more, this area’s imbalances have only increased. This past week, I’ve heard from many women suffering from long term bladder/female hormonal issues that have recently peaked in intensity. No surprise with all the collective Lilith energies. I also find the pain and reactivity of this archetype highly relevant for autoimmune reactions, PMS and yes, especially chronic UTI’s and mystery bladder infections.

Remember to seek joy and minimize irritations. Find little ways to shift your energy to create the life you love rather than react to what you hate. This area houses your deepest soul longings. What do you REALLY want to experience? Live from that place, moment by moment for more ease and please instead of trauma drama.

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In a span of nine days, I just spoke with eight women about severe UTI or bladder infections. This topic is not unusual for Medical Intuitive sessions; however, that number of people in a short span of time definitely got my attention. I figured if so many people are contacting me about these issues at one time, then likely more “out there” are suffering in silence. This post is not limited to women, by the way. It just happened to be eight women I recently heard from about UTI and bladder issues.

As usual, I give my standard disclaimer: I am not a doctor or psychologist, not diagnosing or prescribing. Anything I share here is based on intuitive observation and/or experience. Medical Intuition is not meant to replace medical advice or support. I look at the energies of things on mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and other levels and report what…

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