Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Garden Update ~ Life in Death and Flowers Galore

It’s so amazing how nature sorts itself. I’ve mentioned the weeping birch in front of our house, which according to neighbors, has struggled for five years. I kept trying and trying to keep this tree alive, but it turns out a dead tree really does support more life than a living one. I had heard that before, but I still wanted the birch to survive. It seems that nature had other plans, because this tree actually looks more dramatic and faery without leaves, and it gives the garden much more sun:


I have another, far more magical and accurate looking photo of that birch tree and surrounding garden, which I’ve unsuccessfully tried posting for weeks. In the photo you see above, most of the camera shy beings are out of sight. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get that other photo to load. If you want to know what the garden really looks like, imagine the above photo with extra shimmer and glow, and the hanging branches creating a “mist” even on sunny afternoons. The photo above is flat compared to the life force energy radiating from that tree and the plants and beings around it.

We have way more birds in our front yard this year due to all the fun perches available now. I see gold finches, cardinals and robins throughout the day. On a recent morning, I was just writing about crows when this one landed on the branch. Another one followed and peeked right into the front window until I finished commenting on crows.


I also learned from a neighbor that we finally(!) have a resident owl in the neighborhood. I take that as an excellent sign, since it arrived right after I asked for extra protection of our streets and yards. Owls always make themselves known at key moments in my life or when I need help with an “impossible” situation. Even if I don’t see or hear the owl myself, somehow people know to tell me at just the right time.

Because of my involvement in protecting our neighborhood from potential damage by the Township Board, we have a lot more neighbors coming to our door and passing the front yard garden. Everyone comments about the wide variety of flowers, and only when they stand right in front of the garden do some of them recognize vegetables and herbs, as well. We have so many pollinators, butterflies and birds, including a hummingbird in our yard. I’m happy to report a vast reduction in the number of neighbors spraying their yards with toxic chemicals. It makes my heart sing when more people support and value the life around us. Below you can see just some of the flowers in bloom right now:





Gold finches especially love the sunflowers, shown here with blooming parsley, salvia, chives, purple kale, lobelia, and bolting lettuce:


This lime green hyssop’s getting ready to burst with purple flowers, but I love mixing unusual colored leaves into a vibrant display, regardless of bloom time:


Until next time … that’s the scoop from fragrant, soulful and delicious Dra’Faven.


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