Saturday, 25 November 2017

Portals at Asylum Lake

On Thanksgiving, David and I took a hike at one of our favorite spots in Kalamazoo — Asylum Lake Preserve. We always find portals and magical spots, and Thursday was no exception. Here are some that David managed to catch on his iPhone.

We call this one “The Ganesha Tree,” and he opens the way to one of the trails. Can you see the elephant eye, ears, leg, and trunk? I think it looks even more like Ganesha from the other side, but the lighting worked better this way.


You can see the smaller of the two lakes behind me (above), and the larger of the two lakes below:


We also saw some amazing faery portals:




I’m not sure what’s up with that tree, but in person it looks like it holds an entire universe in its trunk. I felt it before I saw it, and we needed to go off trail to take this photo. The setting sun brought flickering shadows that added to the effect.

I’ll leave you with a gateway below that charmed us coming and going:


So much gratitude for the beauty and magic here! Happy faeries, one and all!



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