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Timothy Glenn ~ Heads Up, Keep Your Head Down

Many people privately have inquired what David and I are doing for the eclipse. Are we traveling to see it? Will we be doing something special? The simple answer is no, not really. We’re nowhere near the path of the eclipse, and David needs to work.

The longer, more accurate answer is that even if we were near the path of the eclipse and David had loads of vacation time left after our move, we still wouldn’t be traveling to watch the eclipse. It’s a potent portal, yes, and because it’s so potent, I intend to utilize those energies in the strongest, most focused way possible. For me, that doesn’t mean gathering in large crowds of uncertain, chaotic energy. It means spending time in nature  on that day and then during the actual eclipse window, going inside and doing a Reiki Healing Attunement for David and me, plus Reiki support for those who signed up for the August Special.

Timothy Glenn’s post today echoes this kind of quiet, indoor contemplation during the eclipse. He cites ancient Vedic texts, and I find it interesting, yet not surprising that these align with Native American Wisdom, as well. Yesterday, my friend Mitch sent me an interesting interview called, “Why Native Americans will not be watching the solar eclipse.” It’s a newscast to help teachers understand cultural differences so that Native American children will not be pressured or forced to participate in outdoor eclipse events.

To each his or her own. To quote Tim, “As always, there are no rules … merely principles.” We offer this only as a suggestion for experiencing the eclipse in the most positive, spiritually uplifting ways. Please use your own discernment, and I wish you well whatever you choose to do. Here’s Timothy Glenn:

Heads Up: Keep Your Head Down

With all the crowds flocking to see the August 21st total solar eclipse in the United States, it might help to invoke a bit of wisdom passed along through the ages from the Vedic tradition. This involves about three and a half millennia of observation and practice, so maybe those old sages could offer a word of caution here.

Vedic astrologers have traditionally avoided getting directly involved with eclipses. The most common method is to remain indoors, pull down the blinds, close the curtains, and do your spiritual practice. There are even specific prayers, dietary recommendations, and a variety of other practices designed for such times.

The same goes for some of us western astrologers, although there are naturally some differences in the specifics of the lore.

Keep Your Head on Straight

The title of this article is a bit tongue-in-cheek. It isn’t a suggestion to duck down or bow your head. In fact, many of our most effective spiritual practices involve holding our head up straight, keeping the central column aligned.

The suggestion here is that if you wish to avoid the lunacy and any potential psychic infection, don’t go outside to look up at the eclipse and make direct contact with those energies. The sun and earth share a natural bond. The cords that connect them become disrupted by any solar eclipse, and all the more so when you find yourself in the path of totality. This admonition still seems to come as news to people in the west, despite its antiquity.

As always, there are no rules…merely principles.

The Unleashing

During a solar eclipse, a curious phenomenon happens when the earth and sun have their connection interrupted. Elemental energies are unleashed from the moon onto the Earth. This effect is intensified in the path of the eclipse, and therefore reaches its maximum wherever the moon covers 100% of the sun. Strange things can happen in that shadow.

These elemental influences can manifest as chaotic, frenetic, and just plain loony. People are affected in a wide variety of ways. Much depends on who we are, what we have been doing with our lives, and what kinds of substances we have been consuming for the occasion. As a result, it can throw off almost anyone’s balance.

Effects can be immediate, or they can act like a time release capsule. Effects can be subtle or drastic. Another factor to consider is where the eclipse is occurring in someone’s natal chart, and also in their current solar return chart. These elementals are drawn back into the moon at the next lunar eclipse.

Welcome to the Loony Bin

When the solar eclipse precedes the lunar eclipse, we have about two weeks of this extracurricular elemental activity. However, 2017 is throwing a curve at us. Since the lunar eclipse came first, the next lunar eclipse after this unleashing of elemental energies will not happen until January 31, 2018.

Factoring in even a handful of the insane dramas being played out on the world stage, more than five months of these lunar (or loony) influences may push a few folks over the edge. We can expect an even wilder political circus to entertain us during this phase of the planetary shift.

The overall effects of this eclipse will echo down through the months until the end of January. International boredom will probably not occur.

Walk the Middle Path

What would the Buddha do? Would he jump into the path of the total solar eclipse and come out joining sides in a political scuffle? Maybe not.

He might recommend that we stay centered in the infinite love that eternally dwells in our hearts, and stay as balanced as possible. What a guy.

Timothy Glenn



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