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Timothy Glenn ~ The Sneaky Clever Tricky Matrix

Here’s a new one from Timothy Glenn!

The Sneaky Clever Tricky Matrix

By Timothy Glenn

As above, so below. As within, so without. It’s worlds within worlds within worlds; matrices within matrices within matrices. For now, let’s focus on a matter of current concern: The Matrix otherwise known as 3D Planet Earth.

What’s the Point?

The primary function of The Matrix is to trap Souls and keep them trapped, all the while extracting their natural creative Life Energy. It took an immense expenditure of time and effort to entice Divine Beings into this Matrix, and especially to seduce them into surrendering their creatorship, their power and the essence of their infinite selves.

This makes it worthwhile to make sure they stay trapped in the illusions of The Matrix. Hiring and training new help can loom as cost prohibitive.

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged

If someone came along and made a statement like that, Matrix agents would probably nail him to a tree as soon as possible. Judgment provides one of the most useful keys for keeping Souls trapped.

If you judge any part of The Matrix, it’s got you. And it gives you eight zillion things to judge. The act of judging ties you to whatever you hold in judgment, and on 3D Planet Earth you are presented with a seemingly infinite smorgasbord of nasty, ugly, evil things to judge – all of them right there in that Sneaky Matrix!

What You Resist, Persists

Carl Gustav Jung might not have been nailed to a tree, but the preceding statement could have qualified for such treatment a couple thousand years earlier.

Witting and unwitting agents of The Matrix habitually step on your toes and get in your face. The overall system incessantly seeks to limit your freedom and undermine your dreams. It can be oh, so tempting to fight city hall.

This is not to be construed as a recommendation for turning yourself into a doormat or victim. There is a not-so-fine line between standing your ground, and attacking duped agents of The Matrix, pesky and annoying as they may be. In the latter case, you would need to have first taken the bait. And The Matrix is oh, so good at proffering the bait. Bait not, lest ye be baited.

If you fight it, you feed it. In other words, it’s got you. The Matrix is just so damned clever!


If you’re angry at any part of The Matrix, it’s got you. And it’s deviously designed to totally piss you off. Pretty tricky, that Matrix!

Any time you fall into one of these traps within The Trap, you make that part of The Matrix Real for yourself. Your thoughts and emotions entangle themselves in what you don’t want, and thereby it cements itself as your Reality. Good luck with that.

Some people feel hopelessly overwhelmed by this diabolically clever Trap. They wonder what any of us could possibly do in the face of such odds. Perhaps like our old friend the Buddha, we could achieve the Divine Screw It! Detachment, anyone?

The New Sacred Mantra

A few years ago, the Proterrians presented what they called our new sacred mantra: “So what?”

Note: This is not to be confused with “Who cares?” If you ask about who cares, the universe might bring you people who actually do care about Matrix issues and their accompanying toxic dramas. You probably don’t want to hang out with those folks we might call Matrix Units.

The Matrix will offer plenty of opportunities for you to effectively utilize the new sacred mantra.

“They’re spraying chemtrails everywhere!” So what?

“GMO’s and other junk are poisoning everyone!” So what?

“The system is insanely corrupt!” So what?

“The mainstream media is lying, deceiving and propagandizing all the time!” So what?

Tricking The Matrix

The trick is to be in The Matrix but not of it. A couple thousand years ago, presenting such a concept would have contributed to getting you nailed to a tree (at least in certain cultures) but now it’s perfectly safe.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi emerged as a slightly more modern figure than Carl Gustav Jung, and thus avoided crucifixion for teaching Transcendental Meditation. The Maharishi emphasized that the idea was not to escape this alleged reality, nor to think in terms of breaking out of anything. Such an approach would only make this world Real for you.

The key to transcending The Matrix can be found in achieving genuine neutrality. If we simply render The Matrix irrelevant, we will be able to see through its illusive nature and explore the literal Infinity beyond.

The Matrix and its agents may object, but will only provide us with tests that will show us portions of our Shadows that yet remain to be integrated.

Where are those pockets of darkness deep within us, wherein we have given our power away to external forces? If we move into transcendence, The Matrix will obligingly show us.

Shifting into Neutral

Many millions of us are now transcending the old fear-based world, and are ascending into a love-based Reality.

The Matrix might want to deceive us into thinking of its fear as negative, and universal love as positive. But the divine, unconditional, infinite Love is a purely neutral force. As the essence of the Infinite Field in its wholeness, it isn’t dividing itself into good and evil, right and wrong, light and dark, true and false, nor any other illusory dichotomy.

It just is.

To more gracefully shift into Neutral, you might consider The Blue Room, The Heart Breath, and Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step Formula – all of which can be found on Laura Bruno’s Blog.

We are all the Infinite Field, because there is nothing else to be. Even The Matrix is part of the Field and will awaken to its own Reality somewhere, sometime, somehow. It’s simply that many of us have chosen to experience our awakening here and now, by shifting into the neutrality of Infinite Love.

Timothy Glenn


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